For that same flat fee of $200.00 per month per truck, we keep your financial books.  No body enjoys the paperwork that goes along with a successful business.  You focus on driving, delivering your loads safely, and we take care of paperwork.


All you need to do is send us a text or email copy of your fuel receipts, oil change costs, repair bills, income receipts, etc. and we put together your monthly income statement.   You keep your own checkbook and charge cards.  We do not handle your money.  Only YOU should do that.  We just keep a paper record of what you spend and what you make.   We are just your secretary.


We take the expense receipts and income items that you send us copies of and make a profit and loss statement each month.  You have access to this at all times by simply logging onto our web page, putting in your Customer Number and that pops up your bookkeeping information that you have sent to us.

Your profit/loss statement each month will be broken down into categories so you can quickly and easily see what you have spent on fuel, repairs, tires, insurance, loan payments, tolls, fees, etc. It will show how much you have brought in for income.  By giving us your mileage at the start and end of each month, we can show you what your actual cost per mile is, and how much income you have earned total, by category, and per mile.


Sometimes having that “per mile” information can be very helpful.  You may find it costs “x” more cents per mile in the winter time than it does during the summer months, for instance.  A farmer/rancher wants to know how much it costs him per cow for each cow.  You need to know that for your trucking business.


We take the expense receipts and income information you send us on a daily basis, and assign each item into a separate category.  For instance, all fuel receipts go into a separate category for Fuel.  All repair receipts go into either Tractor Repairs, or Trailer Repairs, etc. Loan Expenses are kept track of separately.  All items of expense and income are assigned an individual account.


This way, you can log onto your account and see how much you have already spent for each type of business cost, or how you have produced every dollar of income.