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Truckers Office.com is a one-stop store for truckers. Designed especially for over-the-road owner/operators, we do your office work while you drive ! You are a business. You need to run your business like a business.

Truckers Bookkeeping Service

TruckersOffice, LLC will do all your office work so you can concentrate on driving !!!   You have access to your accounts at TruckersOffice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We keep your office up-to-date every day.  You can call us anytime you have a question and we will answer it for you right then.


Simply send us a photo of your expense receipts and income items info, mileage, etc. We get your DOT filings ready for you.


Insurance is one of our specialties. Get coverage for your tractor, trailer, cargo, liability, workers compensation, bonding, etc.


Need financing for a new or used rig? We will do our best for you in that department also. Need to lease a tractor or trailer, ask us about that too.

Profit Loss Statement

We take care of your accounting, profit and loss statements, insurance, DOT filings, tax returns, financing, and leasing requirements.

Income Tax

At the end of the year, we take the income/expense things you sent us and prepare your Schedule C income tax form.

Leasing Equipment

We have a number of contacts with leasing companies that might be of help to you. Lease a tractor or trailer cheaper than to buy it outright.

We Can Do This For You At $200 Per Month Per Truck

TruckersOffice, LLC will do all your office work so you can concentrate on driving !!!   We keep your office up-to-date every day.

Do your Bookkeeping

Prepare your Schedule C income tax form

Prepare your state/IFTA fuel tax forms for you to sign and file

We are your secretary. We do your office work while you drive!!!

Our fees are very reasonable, and we work fast just for you.

For a reasonable fee we can also

Get your insurance

Get loads

Get permits

Get Financing for you.

Request A Free Insurance Quote

What We Need to Know About You for a Quote:

Driver Details (Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number)

Hauling heavy equipment or hazardous materials?

Types of cargo you haul? and Miles driven each year?

In hard hat or construction areas?

Training and certificates received by your drivers?

Vehicle details? (Make, Model, VIN, Mileage, New Cost, etc.)

Which employees will be driving your trucks?

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Why Truckers Office?

The only difference between you an Amazon is how many zeros are after each number.  Amazon has to make a profit and you have to make a profit.


Amazon needs to know where they stand each day financially and you need to know where you stand each day from a profit and loss standpoint.


With our help, you will know day-to-day what is going on in your trucking business better than you have ever known before.


TruckersOffice LLC is a subsidiary of Nunn Solutions, LLC.  These limited liability companies are registered in the State of Oklahoma.  We do business as Nunn Solutions and as Truckers Office.  Our office is in south central Oklahoma at Pauls Valley which is on Interstate 35 about half-way between Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas.